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Pavement licence scaffolding.

Pavement licence scaffolding.

Here we have an example of a pavement licence scaffolding. H&H Scaffolding Services have formed good relationships with local councils, such as Medway and Kent County Councils making it a simple task for us to acquire pavement licence for our clients’ scaffolds.

Why do I need a pavement licence?

We often have to explain to our clients why we need to apply for a pavement licence prior to the scaffolding being erected.

You will need a pavement when any part of the scaffolding is on the public highway which means it is not on private property. This can be pavement or road. Much like a suspended bay when you need to place a waste skip in a parking bay.

H&H Scaffolding Services Ltd make it simple for our clients by taking the responsibility of acquiring the pavement licence for them so they don’t have to worry about any of the administration that goes with it. We have processes in place and as we are fully insured and qualified we don’t have any problems attaining them.

For all enquiries commercial or domestic please contact us by phone, website, google or our social media platforms.

Get in touch with us either by phone or email, and get your affordable scaffolding quote from a trusted and reputable scaffolding company today.

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