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Do you need a scaffold?

Do you need a scaffold for domestic projects?

For homeowners or landlords the task of potentially calling a scaffolding company and organising the erection of scaffolding on their property for building work to be carried out can be daunting. This does not need to be the case and H&H Scaffolding Services LTD’s aim is to give homeowners and landlords peace of mind when it comes to their home improvements regarding scaffolding. All builders and tradesmen that we have worked with to date, assess the needs of scaffolding and advise clients where it is needed. We have also worked with many homeowners and landlords directly for DIY projects.

One of the first questions you might ask, is do I really need a scaffold or can the work be carried out off a ladder? In most cases the builders and tradesmen will not require a scaffold to fix damage or carry out home improvements. However when working at height comes into play this changes. Companies have a legal obligation to keep their employees and subcontractors safe when carrying out work. This is stated in the work at Height Regulations 2005. This is to prevent death and injury caused by a fall from height. If you are an employer or you control work at height (for example facilities managers or building owners who may contract others to work at height) the Regulations apply to you. Therefore health and safety is the main reason why scaffolding is used, although this is not needed for all projects.


A main reason to use scaffolding is access. In some cases, it will be virtually impossible for builders and tradesmen to access parts of a job without a scaffold, such as roofs and high ceilings. Fragile roofs and conservatories can also make it difficult for a builders and tradesmen to access parts of the building so this may need a beam-scaffold to span over these areas, to create access for the them. The builders and tradesmen will need to often get materials such as tools, bricks, blocks, cement and roof tiles from one levelto another. A rope and wheel pulley systems can be fixed to the scaffold, making it much easier to manoeuvre tools and materials up and down.


Many of the builders and tradesmen we work with also request scaffolding in order to be able to fulfil contracts within a quicker time-frame.

We work with many trades all over Medway, Kent, London and Southeast so we can point you in the right direction when searching for an experienced builders and tradesmen for your project.

We hope this has shed some light to homeowners on why they might need to hire a scaffolder to erect a scaffolding in addition to the building work being carried out. We understand that home improvements and building work can be costly and that’s why H&H Scaffolding Services LTD aim to give the most reasonable and affordable prices to all of our customers without compromising the quality of work and the service we provide.

We have also been accredited by some of the biggest health and safety organisations in the country. We have full public liability insurance and employer’s liability offering peace of mind to everyone involved in our work.

Our scaffolding yard is based in Rochester Kent, which is a town situated in Medway, Medway which consists of Rochester, Strood, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham. With close links to motorways and A roads M20, M25 and A2 allowing us quick access to surrounding areas such as Maidstone, Sittingbourne, Tonbridge, Bexley, Orpington, Bromley, and the whole of London. If you are looking for a scaffolding look no further than H&H Scaffolding Services LTD.Services LTD.

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