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Quality Scaffolding Materials

Here at H&H Scaffolding Services LTD Health and Safety is our main priority, and that is why we aim to only use materials of the highest quality and that are fit for purpose. We have a process that ensures that the scaffolding materials used are quality assured and meet our high standards.

This is a three step method as outlined below.

Step 1

Yard inspection.

Firstly all of our materials are inspected at our yard. C Cuxton Industrial Estate, Station Rd, Cuxton, Rochester, Kent ME2 1AJ. Our trained staff will thoroughly inspect all materials for defects before they are loaded onto our lorries. The materials are as follows.

Scaffold tubes.

All of our tubes are inspected for defects such and bends, splits, cross cuts, mushroom ends, flame cuts and rust. These tubes will be separated and either cut down to remove the defect and use as a shorter length or disposed of all together. We have found a good example demonstrating this on the this website

Scaffold boards.

All of our scaffolding boards are inspected for defects such as: rotting, split ends, notching, warping and saw cuts. In some cases the boards can be cut to remove the defect and re-banded to form a shorter board free of defects. Or used as a sole board. However most old boards have to be disposed off.

Scaffold fittings.

Our Scaffolding fittings are all inspected and we use scaffeze to ensure they are maintained. Some of the defects to scaffold fittings include: bends, stretched gates, missing bolts, washers and rust. These defected fittings will be quarantined and not used in our scaffold structures.

Scaffold Ladders.

All of our ladders are inspected for defects some of these being splits, bends warps and any damage to rungs of the ladder. These ladders will be quarantined and disposed of.

Step 2

The second phase to our process to ensure all of our materials are safe to use is an on site inspection. All of our scaffolders are trained to inspect the materials they are using as the scaffolding is being erected. If one of our scaffolders suspects that the material is defected they will not use it and immediately quarantine the material with clear signs advising for it not to be used.

Step 3

The final phase of our process is the daily and weekly inspection of the scaffold. At the beginning of each day before use and every seven days the scaffolding structure will be inspected by a trained operative and any defects to the scaffold will be adapted immediately to ensure it is safe to work on.

As you see this is a very effective method to ensure that the scaffolding equipment we use is safe to use.

Thank you for reading our blog, we hope we have shed some light on the correct process for ensuring only quality and safe scaffolding materials are used on our projects.

If you are looking for a quality Scaffolding Services around Rochester/Medway/Kent/London or surrounding counties in the Southeast give H&H Scaffolding Services LTD a call. 07702471434

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