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Scaffolding, Kent

The county of Kent, also known as the garden of England is our beautiful home county, where H & H Scaffolding's office and yard are both based. Kent is the home of H&H Scaffolding Services LTD and we cover the whole Kent, London and the South east. We offer a professional service and undertake both commercial and domestic scaffolding. The health and safety of everyone involved in our work is our main priority we have been accredited by the biggest health and safety organisations in the UK. You can visit our website to see our health and safety page.

Here is an example of a roofer's scaffold that we erected in Kent this week. This scaffold was erected in order for a roofing client of ours to work safely and effectively ensuring quality work on the clients property. This particular scaffolding was erected so that the roofer could fit new fascias and soffits.

Firstly we visited the clients home at the arranged time and the roofer met us there also.

We discussed the best way the scaffolding should be erected. Height,width and length. The length of time the scaffolding was needed for and possible dates for it erection. Once that was done we discussed a price for the scaffolding work and payment arrangements.

At the arranged date the scaffolders attended the property and erected the scaffold. The scaffolders ensured that they were punctual and polite to the home owners and made only necessary noise as to be considerate to the neighbours.

The scaffolders used the materials from the lorry to erect the scaffold, selecting accurate lengths to ensure no excess tube were left sticking out that may cause injury to workers or tenants. This also makes the scaffolding look much more presentable for the time it is on the home owners property. Once the scaffolding was complete the scaffolders packed up all of there tools and excess materials and made sure that no mess or rubbish was left.

Once the roofer had completed his work he contacted us to let us know when the scaffolding was ready to be dismantled a possible dates we could attend the home. Which he had arranged with the home owner. Our scaffolders attended the home at the arranged time and dismantled the scaffold. All equipment was loaded onto the lorry and the home was left how we found it when we first arrived only difference being was the home owner now had all of there repairs complete.

H & H Scaffolding Services LTD

C Cuxton Industrial  Estate

Station Road




Telephone: 01634-301 958

Mobile: 07702-471 434

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